Intelligent Capture as a Service


iCaptServices Cloud is an intelligent capture platform built as a RESTful Web API aiming fast adoption into several types of business applications that demand to embed specialized features to capture, convert, classify, extract metadata and process document images, using a brand new-concept:

iCaaS (Intelligent Capture as a Service) 

It’s now possible to quickly empower your existing application in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. Using our Web API, you don’t need to purchase any licenses or commit to long-term contracts based on minimum page volumes, which means, that you will be charged only by your consumption on a monthly basis.

iCaptServices Cloud is the perfect component to be embedded into other applications such as ECM and BPM/Workflow platforms, considering the following client types:

  • Mobile device
  • Workstation
  • MFP
  • Server

If you want to evaluate and test our Web API, please send us an e-mail to: